As you perhaps know, we have been closed in line with the Government’s guidelines since the end of March.

As our suppliers are starting to re-open their businesses and to start manufacturing again.

we will shortly be able to supply products to customers once more, but we need to ensure we apply safe working practices when measuring, showing samples or fitting.

Please read the points below regarding any proposed visit to either our premises or your premises and confirm you agree to these requirements.,

We are planning to reopen hopefully sometime during the week commencing Monday 18th May 2020, but with only 1 member of staff onsite.


  • Phone in advance of any appointment at your premises
  • Respect Social Distancing requirements
  • Use Virucidal hand sanitiser before entering your premises
  • Wear face mask and protective gloves
  • Be available for visits to our premises (by appointment only) with a maximum of 1 customer in our unit at a time.
  • Regularly sanitise samples, workspaces and observation areas that the public have access to.
  • Provide use of Virucidal hand sanitiser on entering our premises

We will NOT:

  • Honour any appointment where confirmation of your agreement to our requirements has not been received
  • Allow more than 1 member of the public into the unit, at any time.
  • Allow any member of the public to touch any existing Blind Factory shelved stock
  • Attend a measure or fit at your premises, if we show any signs or symptoms of Covid-19. (No Blind Factory staff, or our families have had any symptoms of the virus).
  • Take any risks of any kind, which could be detrimental to our or your health & wellbeing.
  • Shake hands before or after a visit.
  • Continue a measure or fitting where we feel that our safety may be compromised.

In return, we EXPECT that YOU  AGREE to the following and will:

  • Postpone or cancel any appointment, by phone or email, if you or any person in your household has or shows signs of any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Respect Social Distancing
  • Ensure other household members stay in another room while our work is being carried out. If no such room is available they should stay as far away as possible.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation, such as by opening a window in advance of the appointment, until we have left the premises.
  • Move any furniture or fittings which may be in the way, to minimise cross contamination.

These points are not exhaustive and may be amended in line with Government and Public Health England’s advice without prior notification.

Remember, advice can always be given over the phone, or by email, but we may take longer to respond due to our reduced staffing level.

Best wishes

Brian Roberts