Velux roof blinds are perfect to bring light to your loft and only Velux give you so many options that you can choose between blackout, adjusting, dimming or simply softening the light in your room.

Velux Loft Blinds

Blind Factory can provide Velux roof blinds cheaper than buying direct from Velux. Blind Factory’s buying power allows us to pass on the discounts we get from Velux, to you. Offering the very best in daylight control for your loft and roof windows; Velux window blinds and accessories including Blackout, Roller, Pleated, Venetian, Awning, Insect Screens and INTEGRA, the remote control system for ultimate convenience.

All blinds are available as manual operation, why not choose a solar rechargeable motor or electric (window type permitting).

If you’ve got a proper Velux window, the best blind that will fit into it, is a proper Velux blind.

Velux Blackout

Download a Velux Catalogue (15 MB)

BLOC Blinds

Bloc is a UK designer and manufacturer of simple, clever and innovative roller blinds. Made using fine fabrics and highly durable components, they create blind solutions for any window and any situation. From big windows, small windows or roof windows to cold and draughty living spaces and light sensitive sleeping spaces. Bloc has a blind to suit, giving you complete fabric consistency throughout your home.

From theirpremises in Northern Ireland, they have a team of dedicated professionals who create precision cut, made-to-measure blinds quickly and efficiently for customers throughout the World. BLOChave a wide range of materials at their disposal and can produce blinds of almost any colour, shape or texture with a variety of detailing options. In addition to creating some of the highest quality blinds in the marketplace, theyare also dedicated to developing and innovating new product ideas. This has led theirproduct engineers to create a blind with two very different purposes.

BlocOut – the energy saving blind that can also provide total blackout.

Blinds but better!

Please click the logo to have a look at the BLOC Blinds Collection and see for yourself what a BLOC Blind could do for you.

BLOC Blinds